In order to have a strong brand, your social media presence has to be an eye-catcher. Very often people take a look at your social media platforms first and then decide if they would like to do business with you. So a great first impression is essential.

And that’s where I come in.

My main focus is on social media marketing and content creation.
Especially the platforms Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest is the core of my services.
Besides taking care of social media accounts, I also offer a range of other services in the online segment.

Overview of my services:

Social Media Marketing

  • developing social media strategies
  • competition analysis
  • planning and publishing posts
  • hashtag research
  • creating social media guidelines
  • engagement with customers on social networks (community support)
  • creating reportings with weekly/monthly statistics
  • creating and taking of care of editorial schedules

Blog Content Creation:

  • researching topics
  • planning and writing posts
  • publishing blog posts
  • for websites
  • landing pages
  • e-mail newsletters
  • offline material

Graphic creation:

  • designing graphics for social media channels
  • banner design for websites
  • logo design for blogs, flyer, social media
  • adjusting graphics for different channels (e.g. YouTube thumbnail, Pinterest, Instagram stories, Facebook posts)


  • video editing
  • photographing
  • editing photos​